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NOMA’s Level ONE Complete Property &
Asset Management Program

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NOMA’s LEVEL ONE Property Management Program has three goals



be counted on by owners in all decisions concerning their commercial real estate.

We want our owners to depend on us & we want the owners we work with to know we are being good shepherds of their real estate and money. That starts with building trust. Once we build trust, good things will come.


Constantly Improve the Tenant/Client Experience.

The Tenants/Clients we work with stay as long as possible because they are so happy in their homes and offices, and so happy with our management program. We aim to create relationships that transcend their tenancy of one building or space. We ask: How can we go on to help those tenants with their own personal or business real estate decisions in the future?


Short and Long-term Upvaluing of the Asset.

We want to improve NOI without sacrificing goal #2.
We do cosmetic, comfort, and resource efficiency upgrades that make economic sense that will create more demand for the real estate. We are constantly looking at alternative uses for the property and redevelopment strategies as they pertain to our owner’s exit strategy--We want to know: how does my owner’s building/space fit into future “Paths of Growth” and in what ways can I be preemptive about leveraging the real estate?



Services we provide as part of our LEVEL ONE Property Management Program


— We perform a top-down building assessment

We look at the building top to bottom, inside and out and assess the quality of all infrastructure, look at any safety or air quality issues, as well as opportunities for upgrading finishes, improving resource efficiency and upgrading capital items. We do this from the perspective of what current and tenants will want and expect, all with an eye towards improving NOI.

—We perform a top-down services assessment

We have a check in with your current vendors (grounds people, janitorial, etc.).  We want to see what is going well from your perspective and the tenant’s perspective then recommend changes that need to be made. Other vendors may need to come into the fold but we want to work with current relationships first and see if we can get them to create a win-win.  


—We perform a resource assesment

We will perform an Energy Audit by a certified technician at cost and review the findings with you.  We then make a plan to implement the recommendations in a cost effective way, using the entire process as a marketing strategy for you, us, and the property.

—We perform an aesthetic assessment

We do an analysis of appearance of the building. We look at how the grounds could cost less to manage, use less resources, and, as importantly, could more marketable with some cosmetic changes.  


—We perform a market comparable assesment

We will do a proforma analysis more-market-rate revenues and give you an estimate of value based on the building selling as-is, with the recommended upgrades, or as a redevelopment.

—We perform an improvement assessment

We will collect estimates for other building/tenant improvements and discuss strategies to help with financing those costs.


—We Contract

We also provide contracting/construction services at a reduced rate for our LEVEL ONE clients.

—We Broker

We provide a full range of leasing and marketing services. Our goal is to keep your building 100% occupied, 100% of the time.  NO MORE BROKER FEES! (at least to us).


—Open Book Accounting

We provide 100% open book accounting to our LEVEL ONE clients.  Cash flows are updated monthly with actual expenses and revenues and our clients can simply log in to a Gsuite account and view them at anytime.

—Cash Planning

Disbursements from cash flow are made as needed. Just send us an email. We will confirm by phone and ACH money to your account within 24 hours.


—Annual Reporting

At the end of the year our LEVEL ONE clients get an annual report of the properties we manage for you as well as a nice lunch spread for you and any partners you would like to include.

—Other Services Galore

At no cost to you we also provide to your tenants a host of other services including, but not limited to:

  • Security and monitoring;

  • Relocation, storage, and satellite office services;

  • Suite decorating/design/furniture/construction services including electrical, networking and security upgrades;

  • Interior Plant and Greenery services;

  • And Green Janitorial services.


Client Testimony

“Douglas Allen has managed all of my buildings for well over a decade. He and his NOMA team are exceptional with all aspects of the real estate management cycle - general maintenance; long-term capital improvement planning and execution; tenant buildout design, contracting, construction, and oversight; marketing and leasing; and always up to date receivables and payables, as well as online cash flow reporting and multi-year projections.

Perhaps most importantly, the NOMA team places primary importance on building solid and trusting relationships with tenants. Our tenants have always gone out of their way to express their appreciation of Doug’s friendly, respectful, and professional style. Not to mention his culinary skills always on display at our annual tenant’s parties.

Over the years I have come to depend on Doug’s advice, industry contacts, and caring approach to those he works with and serves. I have recommended him to others with real estate management needs and included his services as an integral part of my own planning for new building acquisitions and management.”
— Mark Berg